Seniors: Looking at sample Macbeth essays

There’s no class tomorrow and we’ve decided on a work day for Thursday, and quite a few of you have met with me to go over over ideas (though just as many of you haven’t – get on that). Bring a laptop if you can for Thursday.

Today we looked at two essays per group, one good one and one not so good one. Essays 1-3 are examples worth following and 4 & 5 are ones to use to see what you could do differently: Sample essays – Macbeth

Take a look at what’s different about them. Aside from just a better grasp on using evidence to support their arguments, essays 1-3 are written better because the sentences are argumentative and all have a point. They are clear and concise, probably because they’re avoiding “to be” verbs (are, is, were, was, etc.) and being clear about who and what they’re talking about — you’ll find very little “him”, “her”, “they”, and “who” in essays 1-3.


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