9B: Revising yesterday’s thesis statements

Today we took the thesis statements you ended class with yesterday (see 9A’s post from today for a summary) and revised them. Using student examples from a previous thesis assignment, we used the following checklist to see what constitutes a solid thesis statement:

Today we took themes that we found in our graphic novels and tried to write thesis statements about them. Here’s a recap of class:

Length and format:
-Thesis statements are only 1-2 sentences
-Reads like an argument or an opinion
-The argument or opinion is backed up with how the author is going to prove their argument
“So What?”
-Thesis statement specifically references your book or character by name
-Uses the character or book to explain something larger, like something about human personality or society.
Basically, why is this thesis idea important outside of the book?
-Uses strong verbs like “shows,” “demonstrates,” “reveals,”
-Uses key words like “because,” “since,” “however,” “despite” or other words that can connect two ideas

Apply this list of thesis characteristics to what you have written down. Does yours do all of these things? How can you add the missing points in to yours?

You should’ve left class today with a pretty solid working thesis statement. You’ll use this to write our first essay.


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