Seniors: Learning and applying literary theory

Hi seniors,

Here’s the post from last week that explains what needs to be done for tomorrow. Here’s a copy of the rubric as well:

We’re beginning our presentations right at the beginning of class tomorrow. We’ll go in alphabetical order.


For next week your group will need to present on a specific literary theory and how it applies to Macbeth and the short story we read in class today: “Tomorrow and Tomorrow and So Forth” by John Updike.

Like I demonstrated in class today, you’ll need to explain to the class the tenets of your literary theory, lead us in a guided reading of the short story, and explain how we can apply this theory to Macbeth. (Give a couple specific examples but don’t feel like you need to talk about every instance in the book.)

Finally, explain to us why this theory works well for viewing Macbeth, or if it’s a bit of a stretch.

The resources I handed out in class can be found here, but you’ll need to do your own research too and dive deeper into the theory.

I’d like to do the presentations on Tuesday.

Here are the groups once again:

Gender/Queer theory
Vanessa, Kayden, Vivian, Phuong, Nelson

Liz, Ludwing, Amanda, Christian

Yen, Kendrick, Dat, Brittany

Elvin, Alex, Duc, Sarah C.

Peter, Nikolle, Sabrina, Sashary, Nishali

Leslie, Emmy, Sara V., Brianna


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