9B: Redo

Ok, after going through yesterday’s classwork it was clear that there wasn’t a lot of thought, effort or focus put in to the work. So, today was a redo day. Your grade from yesterday will stand, but you have today to redo what was asked of you to our expectations.

Today’s class went so much better and met our expectations for what group reading and discussions should look like. Here are a couple examples of good snippets of conversations I overheard:

“Like in history class, sometimes you’ve got to look at things from two sides.” – Rosa

“Your past makes you who you are.” – Stefano

“Do you think it’s true that people repeat the sins of their past – not just Magneto but people in general?” – Kenia

“Let’s say the roles were reversed and whites were slaves and blacks were slave owners…How would Washington and DuBois attack this problem?” – Joan

We’ll start reading on Monday.


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