9A: Reworking our Batman/Superman thesis statements, looking at introductions for your story

Today we took a look at those thesis statements we wrote last week and in small groups revised them to make them even better. Here are a few that were excellent after going through the revision process:

“Batman is a better representative of the American people because he dealt with tragedy like normal people might.” – Kevin Bui

“Like Batman, people in modern day America have dark sides. They can identify with a vigilante who takes on his problems realistically.” – Anton

“Batman represents human personality because he experienced actual tragedy.” – Huy

“Batman better represents America because the crime in the stories connect with crimes and criminals today.” – Jeffrey

“Americans can build confidence if they look up to their hero, Batman, because he has been through tragedies that people can relate to.” – Cathy

“Batman is more human because Superman only knows the American way, so only Americans can somewhat relate to him while anyone can relate Batman.” – Carlos

After getting that out of the way, we went over a couple things to note about your story that’s due tomorrow. Remember, you need to have an introduction along with. Good thing we went over introductions in class today.

Your introduction should do three things: explain your artistic direction/design, explain how you created your character and explain something about your story that isn’t obvious.

Here are some examples we looked at:

The introduction to Batman: Year One discusses how the idea to give Batman more of a background story came about: https://www.dropbox.com/s/p8tq9rk5pzc90dz/Batman%20Year%20One%20introduction.pdf?dl=0

The introduction to Icon discusses how the character was created:

The introduction to I Kill Giants explains how they designed what the main character would look like:

One more time, here’s the rubric for the assignment:

Good luck!


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