Seniors: Banquo’s ghost

Today we finally finished III.iv – the scene where Banquo’s ghost comes back to haunt Macbeth. Read that if you missed class. We also watched Roman Polanski’s version of the scene, which does a great job of illustrating the setting and the reactions of the crowd that watches Macbeth react to seeing Banquo’s ghost.

For your second response paper, which is due tomorrow, there are a few ideas you can hone in on:

-New Historicism: how did the context of the times (and Shakespeare’s writing environment) impact how the play was written and our response to it?
-Freudian stuff: Is Banquo’s ghost real, or is it just a manifestation of Macbeth’s guilt-wracked mind?
-Manliness: why is Lady Macbeth always talking about gender?
-Supernatural: are there really supernatural forces at work here, or is it just because the characters themselves are supernatural that they keep talking about it?


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