9B: Re-working our Batman/Superman thesis statements

In small groups today we looked at the Batman/Superman thesis statements we wrote last week on that excerpt from Supergods. Your group members were supposed to help you rework your thesis to make it even better. Here are some examples of great ones that came out of class today:

“America seems to develop off of other influences and beliefs; our nation is known as a melting pot. Batman is the perfect depiction of that. America was founded off of justice, and Batman’s morals of righteousness and apprehending the wrong-doer are synonymous with our beliefs.” – Denezia

“Firefighters and policemen represent America with bravery and courageous acts. Superman acts with these same characteristics [and therefore better represents America].” – Desuray

“Superman represents America more than Batman because more people look to him proudly as a hero.” – Dennis

“Superman is more human because his background represents the average man’s.” – Julian

Remember that your rough drafts of your hero stories are due Wednesday.


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