Seniors: Macbeth III.ii, III.iii and III.iv

We started class reviewing a few of your peers’ writing from last week’s response papers. Here’s what a few people said:

Take a look at your peers’ writing. What ideas do they have that you can jump off from? Do you flat out disagree with an idea? Any new ideas jump out at you? Can you take one of these ideas a step further in thinking or logic? Do any of them help you understand the text or characters better?

“I’m confused on the Oedipus and Electra [complexes], Macbeth kills Duncan and they had a father-son friendship/relationship. So does this mean Lady Macbeth is the “mother” in some way?” – Brianna

“Going along with the topic of psychology, there is a term called ‘locus of control’ and it discusses about how people believe whether peoples’ lives are up to them (internal) or other factors (external). Other factors would be religion, luck, fate, etc…sometimes we feel like a higher power takes the burden off of us and it knows what to do when we don’t. Also, it makes us believe that sometimes things are “meant to be” despite how horrifying or devastating they can really be. Macbeth was told this prophecy, and so that led him to believe that it was righteous in a way to kill his close friend, Duncan.” – Yen

“Macbeth surpasses Lady Macbeth in a sense that he no longer carries the feeling of remorse and guilt which pierces through his conscious every day after Duncan’s death…Like most tragedies, Macbeth, the main character, has a fatal flaw in his character. Macbeth’s hamartia is the fact that he is too sharing in his ambition.” – Sara V.

“The absence of her son causes her to be lonely and seek comfort from her only companion, Macbeth. Because Macbeth is kind and tender-hearted like a child, she feels she has to protect him and take care of him as if it was her duty. This is why her ambition to gain power as royalty is so strong (stronger than Macbeth himself): it’s not for her benefit, but to want what is best for her husband, much like how a mother would want the best for her son.” – Vanna

Then we finished III.i, read III.ii and got through part of III.iv. Make sure you’re caught up for Monday, and think about what you could write for your next response paper, due Tuesday.


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