Freshmen: Superman & Batman, who’s a more American superhero?

Today we started reading a long and difficult part of the book Supergods by a famous comic book writer named Grant Morrison. I’ll attach a pdf here when I can scan one.

We started class writing your response to one of two prompts:

Begin class with a quick journal entry: explain what America is to you. What are this country’s values and ideals? Do the people that live here meet those ideals? Are we “lost” as a country or are we as strong as ever? Is there a lot we have to fix or do we
have things pretty figured out? Provide detail and examples — this should not be a short one or two sentence thing.


In general, describe what people are like. For example, are human beings naturally kind, generous and caring, or do we all have dark hearts that we just mask when we’re out in public? Do you think people would always do the right thing if no one was watching? Do you think people believe in law and order, or do you think people want to take the law into their own hands if given the chance?

Annotate as you read: Mark up your paper. You’ll find that the more you write the more you understand.

What to mark or write:
-Lines you like
-Summarize the author’s points in your own words in the margins
-Lines that confused you the first time you saw them
-A line or phrase that is something you already know or that we learned about in class
-Lines that make an argument about something
-Something you disagree with

We’re going to finish this article tomorrow in class and do a bit more writing on it.


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