Seniors: Freudian analysis of Macbeth

Today was a crash course on literary critical theory – the idea that a text can be analyzed in multiple and specific ways. Today we began looking at Macbeth and the actions of him and his wife through a Freudian (as in Sigmund Freud) lens.

First, we started with some brief notes on Freud and his ideas. Then we read I.6 to II.1 together, which ends with Macbeth resolved to do the dirty deed.

following that, we began reading an article by Karin Thomson which can be found here:

For homework for Thursday, you were asked to finish the essay and pull out any arguments or observations Thomson made by looking at the text from a Freudian/psychoanalytical angle. She comes up with some pretty shocking stuff.

Summer reading was due today. Your first response paper of the year is due Tuesday 9/9.


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