Seniors: Macbeth I.1 – I.3, Meeting the witches, Looking at three film versions

I handed out our Macbeth books. Make sure you get one (and write down your book number) if you missed class today.

We read the first three scenes of the play out loud (in a performance style) in front of the class and discussed the characteristics of Macbeth and the three Weird Sisters (also known as the witches).

Then we watched three movie versions (Roman Polanski’s Macbeth from 1971, Patrick Stewart’s from 2010 and the movie Scotland, PA, which is a retelling of Macbeth set in the 1970s) of when we first meet (and when Macbeth first meets) the witches. After watching those three we journaled  to these questions: How have the witches influenced the play already? Based on what we’ve seen so far, what do you think the witches represent?


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